Working Together

Is THIS For Me?

Are you:

  • disillusioned with your current role and looking for a more fulfilling career?
  • feeling lost about what you want to do when you ‘grow up’?
  • aware of your career ambition but lacking in confidence to strive for it?
  • struggling to balance your professional life with your personal life?
  • terrified of being stuck where you currently are in 5 years time?

 What Is Involved?

  1. An introductory 1-hour session for us to talk through what you would like to achieve and the challenges you are currently facing. I will share some quick wins you can try.
  2. Next, we will explore your strengths and current skills, personality traits and what brings you happiness in order to affirm the goal.
  3. We’ll collaboratively devise an action plan and practice personalized behavior change techniques so you are in control.
  4. I will be a source of encouragement, advice (if requested) and accountability so you reach your goal.

Although based in Fort Collins, Colorado, I coach many clients virtually over the phone or video chat so location is no barrier.


“Working with Katie has been amazing. She has fantastic tips and insights on how to better manage work/life balance, difficult workplace relationships, stress and more. Every time we have talked, I have come away with helpful next steps, and a general feeling of clarity and renewed optimism.” Kelly. F. California

“Katie is warm, attentive and understanding. She has helped me work through what facets in my life are stresses and helped me find ways to boost my confidence. Highly recommended!” Lisa. D. California

“I’ve had a series of coaching sessions with Katie that have helped me to reflect on what it is I deem important within my working practice and how to apply these principals in my work. Katie also taught me the skills to direct my energies towards one goal which has been fantastically helpful!” Ellie. F. Colorado

“Meeting with Katie really helped me understand my goals more clearly. I have found working towards them an achievable and much less intimidating task. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve changed the way that I work and I’m so happy with the results.” Nadia.C. London


  • The first introductory session will be free.
  • I then offer a two-month one-on-one coaching program for $400 / £315
  • In addition, I offer an online course to Find Your Ideal Career in 4-weeks for $79 / £61