About Me

Katie Evans: Career Strategist and Coach

I’m originally from London, now 4,000 miles from home and living in sunny Colorado.

My story is one that’s becoming more familiar: burnt out, jaded employee quits the rat race to find a better path to success.

Three years ago, I had a dynamic career in advertising. I had reached a senior level, could afford to buy my first flat and got to indulge my love of travel. But on the inside, I was struggling. I was spending 50+ hours a week working, often at weekends, and feeling increasingly disenchanted with the output of all this hard work. Who was it benefiting?

Something had to change. So, I made changes. I moved country. I moved job. However, with no real game plan, I found myself falling into the same work patterns and not achieving the work-life balance and sense of purpose I craved.

Coincidently, I was exposed to a technique called visioning (ironically through work) which gave me the inspiration to dream bigger.  I also found an incredible mentor. She helped me untangle what I really wanted from the mess of what I thought I wanted. As a result, I had the confidence and road map to make the change.

Fast forward to now and I’ve found balance. I freelance in marketing, working with brands that I feel passionate about, and get to set my own schedule. I’ve also learned the skills to work smarter and focus on tasks that deliver the most value. Sure there are days when things aren’t all peachy but I feel in control, confident, and healthy.

I trained to become a coach to help other people in my position improve their well-being and sense of fulfillment. There’s no shortage of lifestyle inspiration and ideals to aspire to but you have to identify what’s right for you. Also, you need a solid plan to get there as a goal without a plan is just a dream!

I approach coaching from a behavioral science model. This means I address the personal, social and environmental factors that influence our decisions and actions. I’ve worked with people at all different levels of their career and with very varied aspirations: from graduates navigating their first role; to mid-career changes; to fulfilling dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

One thing is for sure – what defines happiness and success is unique to each of us and finding this sweet spot is the key to well-being.